I’m Julie. A creative problem solver through the use of digital design and development.


Apparently this is the part where I should brag about what I’ve achieved and how good I am. Let’s just skip that and go to the part where I tell you about why I love problem solving trough design and development so much.

You don’t design for the sole purpose of designing something, it always starts with a challenge, a problem that needs to be solved. The harder this problem is to solve, the more I get excited about finding the best way to solve this. Knowing why and how I want to solve this problem, makes it easier for me to design and sometimes develop the solution.

Now I’ve bored you with my filosophy, I’ll finish with some insignificant details about me.

Belgian - Devine student - amateur cook - looking for an internship in Washington DC - fan of badminton - ambitious interaction and visual designer - JavaScript enthousiast